Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carraig Beag with log holder

This is a new option for the Carraig Beag. It can be added to any of the Boru freestanding range. It completely changes the look of the stove making it warm friendly and contemporary.

carraig Mor 30kw

We have just launched the Carraig Mor 30 kw stove. We have had a lot of enquiries for a bigger stove. It has an automatic damper system and tertiary air for a cleaner burn. It has the capability of heating up to 20 radiators and the hot water. With its overnight burn system you can be sure of never being cold again.
It is also available with optional central air intake (outside air) and is a multi fuel stove.

Bringing it Home!!!

Boru Stoves supporting Irish industry

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Doras Firefront

Just thought I would put up a few details on the Doras Firefront. It is proving to be a massive success. Even when the fire is not lighting the Doras is still saving you money from heat loss up the chimney. It has an amazing airwash system which helps keep the glass spotlessly clean. It can be retro fitted to most fireplaces with a flat back panel. The bottom line is The Doras will save you money on fuel consumption which is great news in tough economic times and it won't break the bank either!! They are proving very popular in both the Irish and UK markets
Dun an Doras