Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boru Stoves 50 jobs

Its been a few weeks since myself and the team came back from the fireplace and stove exhibition in Harrogate WOW what a reaction to our stoves. We have been making stoves since February now and it is really hectic between r&d, testing and sales.
We now have six stoves in the shops 2 boiler models and 4 non boilers. Last week I got a couple of minutes airtime on RTE 1 when I announced 50 new jobs in Tipp over the next 2 years. So thanks for all the support and thanks for buying my stoves

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  1. Hi Dermot I am so happy with my Fiachra Boru Stove,I am looking forward to a warm winter thanks to you and EJ.Lucy Cabinteely